Balance and Harmony

March 24, 2014

Simplistic Balance & Harmony

Have you ever noticed that your built-in or entertainment center just looks so cluttered? The solution is quite easy and affordable.

First, let’s address those books. The multiple sizes and colors of the covers and fonts are quite distracting. I would like to suggest you gather your books and arrange them into interesting piles based on multiple shapes and widths. Next, a trip to your local craft store or Target is in your future. Make sure you go with an approximate idea of how many feet of craft/wrapping paper you will need to cover the books — yes, cover the books –just like back in grade school. I was fortunate enough to score craft paper with a simple bird silhouette at Marshall’s for $2.99 a role.

When you get back home, fold the paper accordingly and cover your books. It is then time to arrange them into your built-in or entertainment center. I prefer to stand some books up as well as stack some horizontally on top of each other. The key to making it successful is to break up the books with the uniquely shaped piles as well as by adding eclectic accessories (vases, sculpture, figures, etc.)

I, also, like to introduce a little texture. You can find fabulous baskets and bins these days in a variety of materials ranging from linen to straw. These are the key to organizing the “little stuff” or in our case all our DVD’s. Lastly, make sure you leave a little negative space. Oh yeah, and I might be know from time to time to drop a nail onto a shelf and add a small picture for interest.

Try it — I promise you will love it!

David Brown

Mulberry Seed Design

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