Bitcoin Begins to Dominate

February 19, 2014

Hungry for a Philly cheesesteak or a hot Reuben sandwich? That’ll be about 0.001 bitcoin, please. From restaurants to breweries, the popular cryptocurrency has inched its way into the food industry, as more vendors consider it a valid form of payment. Unlike cash or credit, bitcoin is an invisible currency that exists only online and can be transferred from person to person sans a centralized government or bank. But saving money is only part of the reason. For the owners of Peruvian Brothers, the first bitcoin-friendly food truck in D.C., it’s all about giving their customers options.

“In the food truck [business], we’re all about allowing our customers to purchase their food any way they’d like,” says Peruvian Brothers co-founder Giuseppe Lanzone. “And now, having them pay with bitcoin is a different way to do it.”

To pay, customers simply scan the QR code on the food truck, which reflects the real-time exchange rate between bitcoins and dollars, and hit send.


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