B&J to Create Washington Flavor

June 14, 2013

Ben and Jerry’s wants Washingtonians to help create a D.C.-centric treat by weighing in on a field of 16 flavors through online voting and some less traditional means. For example, the company recorded video of people jogging along the Potomac River and will give a vote to marshmallow when someone goes north, and a vote for peppermint when someone goes south. The company partnered with local-ish companies Divine Chocolate and Route 11 Potato Chips to make the ice cream seem more authentic. These products are matched against coffee and cinnamon, respectively, and are being selected through Instagram photos of the White House and Washington Monument and Foursquare check-ins at law offices and government buildings, as well as online votes. From 16 flavors, only eight will advance. Currently, the top eight flavors are cherries, Divine Chocolate, caramel, Route 11 chips, waffle cone pieces, fairtrade chocolate, marshmallows and ice cream. The last may seem obvious, but there is another option: Greek frozen yogurt. (dcist)

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