C-SPAN 35th Anniversary

March 12, 2014

Could current Washingtonians imagine what life was like before C-SPAN? Next Wednesday, C-SPAN will celebrate 35 years on air. C-SPAN has pursued its mission to make government more open to the American public, telecasting political proceedings in millions of households across the country.

Before it became the service it is today–available in 100 million American homes, providing access each week to hundreds of public affairs and political events, U.S. governmental proceedings, international procedures and reaction, non-fiction book discussions and American history features–C-SPAN began with only four employees. Those four–Brian Lamb, Jana Dabrowski (Fay), Don Houle, and Brian Lockman–transmitted the television feed from the US House of Representatives on March 19, 1979, the first day the House allowed television coverage.

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