Cherry Blossoms Predicted To Peak Between April 8th and 12th

March 5, 2014

Peak bloom of the famed Tidal Basin cherry blossoms is expected to take place between April 8 and April 12 this year, a National Park Service official announced this morning.

James Perry, chief of resource management for NPS, advised everyone to “Relax” about the weather.

“Let mother nature take its course,” Perry said, adding that this hasn’t been the snowiest or coldest winter in DC. While 100 percent accuracy can’t be predicted until 10 days before peak bloom—meaning 70 percent of the trees are doing their beautiful thing—Perry said records, the NPS Tree Crew and the weather forecast help predict the date.

These dates land during the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which begins on March 20. The event, which runs through April 13, will feature a parade, a performance by Aaron Carter, a singing competition, family days, Japanese art and culture exhibitions and paddle boats. E Street Cinema will play host to CineMatsuri, the first Japanese film festival in DC.

As many speakers pointed out, it’s hard to think about spring with snow on the ground. But Diana Mayhew, president of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, assured those assembled at the Newseum, “Spring will come and the national festival will be in full bloom.”

Japan’s Ambassador to the US, HE Kenichiro Sasae—the self-declared “most senior cherry blossom ambassador”—said the blooming of the blossoms and festival are like the “Super Bowl or Christmas.”

“There’s this great feeling,” he said, adding that he hopes the festival adds cultural understanding between the US and Japan.

Peak bloom occurred on April 9 last year (two weeks after the predicted date) and March 20 the year before that.

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