Clarendon Community – Arlington Virginia

How does one begin to describe the energy of the Clarendon urban village?

Do you start with the nightlife or the rich dining scene? Maybe its ranking as shopping capital of Arlington County? Or do you begin with its fun and friendly neighborhoods?

Living in Clarendon is not only convenient but a true pleasure. The area hosts not only big name shops and stores such as Whole Foods, Lululemon, Barnes and Noble, Williams Sonoma and Apple but a sundry of smaller mom-and-pop shops such as Revolution Cycle and South Moon Under. Big name restaurants and eateries from Pinkberry to Cheesecake Factory dot the neighborhood, as do the local haunts like Liberty Tavern and Whitlow’s on Wilson. All combine together to create a shopper’s dream and an eating paradise.

Clarendon also boasts a wide assortment of neighborhoods. The family-friendly communities of Lyon Park and Lyon Village are filled with single famly homes. The residential areas near the Clarendon Metro are hip and cutting edge. This is reflective of its history.

Clarendon was once known as “Little Saigon” and home to a large Vietnamese community. Although, most of the restaurants and shops have closed – except for Nam Viet, which is original to the area – Clarendon retains its “hometown” feel and is a patchwork of diverse neighborhoods.

These knitted neighborhoods form a tapestry of residents that are quite proud of their village and yearly exhibit this pride with flair. Clarendon Day is held every October and features live music, unique vendors, children’s games and rides. It also hosts the Arlington Neighborhood Day Parade, the CSC Invitational (one of the largest professional and amateur bicycle races in the United States), a Mardi Gras Parade and Tax Blues Night. With so much to celebrate in Clarendon, who would ever want to leave?


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