Create an Illusion

April 7, 2014

Create an Illusion

Do you have a space that feels enclosed and sometimes too small or confined? There are many solutions to make the room appear larger but my favorite is creating an illusion with drapes. The first key to success is to mount your drapery rod as close to the ceiling as possible. (Hint: make certain you give yourself room for the end finial of the rod to clear the ceiling-I’ve made that mistake a couple times).

Before you mount the rod, extend the rod as wide as possible making certain it goes beyond the outside parameters of the window-this will give the appearance that the window is larger and also occupy more of the negative wall space. If you really have a small space, make certain your drapes are a solid with perhaps a texture in the same shade as your paint color, this will create a monochromatic look and add to the height and width of the space.

David Brown

Mulberry Seed Design

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