DC Donut Crawl

October 28, 2013

On November 23, the D.C. Donut Crawl will meet at Brightwood’s Chocolate Crust to scarf down cronuts doissants made specially for the Donut Crawl, before heading down GBD, then Astro Donuts and Fried Chicken, and finally District Doughnut.

Erik Luchauer, the crawl’s organizer and a lifelong doughnut aficionado, told DCist that, after he and his wife moved to the area in April 2012 from Knoxville, Tenn., he made it his mission to sample all the best doughnuts in D.C. Apparently Knoxville lacks a doughnut scene. “They’re a few years behind and still totally wrapped up in cupcakes,” Luchauer says, “and let’s face it, the doughnut is the new cupcake.”

But with only four stops on the Donut Crawl, can you really say D.C. has a scene? “I hope to see it grow more,” Luchauer says. “But part of the problem with doughnuts is that they’re stereotypically looked at as very unhealthy. And with such a large percentage of people trying to be more health conscience, it’s probably hindered the growth of the donut, while a cupcake is often seen as just a tiny, little, piece of a cake.”

To offset the unhealthy factor of eating many donuts in a short amount of time, participants of the crawl will travel between shops by bike, you know, to offset the large amount of calories gobbled up during the event.

SOURCE: dcist

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