dcist Publishes List of Best Butchers in Metro Area

November 4, 2013

While days of grilling have faded into the memories of summer, Washingtonians still love a good cut of meat. dcist has published their list of the best places in-and-around the District to purchase the finest…

EASTERN MARKET: The South Hall of this D.C. institution is a great place to do all of your meat-related shopping.
Stop by the historic Union Meat Company (open since 1946) for a wide selection of beef, pork, lamb, veal, and bison, as well as knife sharpening services. If you’re looking for hard-to-find or unusual cuts, Union Meat has it covered, from internal organs to whole pigs. Canales’ Quality Meats offers a more standard selection of beef and pork cuts, as well as an excellent variety of sausages. Try the decadent duck liver and armagnac sausage if you get a chance. And for your white meat needs, Market Poultry has all manner of chicken or turkey cuts — including some impeccable turkey bacon — as well as more exotic fowl like ostrich. — Alicia Mazzara

Eastern Market is located at 225 7th Street SE.

MEATCRAFTERS: More of a charcuterie than a butcher, MeatCrafters produces locally-sourced sausages, cured meats, jerkies, and salamis. The Potomac-based company doesn’t have a retail outpost, but are instead found at local farmers’ markets in Montgomery County. The Capitol Half Smokes are my personal favorite – a blend of pork and beef, whole mustard seeds, and just a touch of smoke, these are my go-to whenever I’m tailgating with my portable grill. Their duck prosciutto is highly recommended as well. You can even buy one of their sausages hot off the grill while walking around the farmers’ market. — Brett Gellman

MeatCrafters can be found at the Pike Central Farm Market (11806 Rockville Pike Rockville, Md.) on Saturdays and the Bethesda Central Farm Market (7600 Arlington Blvd Bethesda, Md.) on Sundays.

RED APRON BUTCHERY: With a location inside the increasingly swanky Union Market, Red Apron Butchery has become the go-to meat distributor for this Northeast D.C. resident. From sustainably raised animals come delicious cuts of meat, as well as the material for a variety of sandwiches. As you explore the market, I highly recommend picking up one of chef Nate Anda’s hot dogs. — Sarah Anne Hughes

Red Apron Butchery is located at 1309 5th Street NE and 8298 Glass Alley, Fairfax, Va.

WAGSHAL’S: Wagshal’s has been doing meat in the District since 1925. That may make the Spring Valley market’s meat department the oldest around. Another point of distinction is whose wielding the cleaver behind the counter. Pam Ginsberg is one of the most well known names in butchery in D.C., a profession still usually associated with men. Ginsberg will be leading an interactive seminar on butchering and grilling at Sixth and I Synagogue this Sunday. That’s how good she is. — Josh Novikoff

Wagshal’s is located at 4845 Massachusetts Avenue NW and 3201 New Mexico Avenue NW.

STACHOWSKI MARKET AND DELI: Jaime Stachowski has made his [ham] bones in this town smoking sausages and curing charcuterie. He now plies his wares at his own shop in Georgetown and farmers markets across the city. Pastrami and other sandwiches are comically large, and a deli case on the right side of his eponymous P and 28th Street NW storefront is filled with the homemade mortadellas, braunschweigers, duck confit, and Polish sausages that he does best. To the left are Stachowski’s cuts that haven’t yet made a trip through the grinder. Several cuts of steak, mostly from Creekstone Farms in Kansas, feature most prominently including a few lethal looking “Tomahawk” chops. There’s a few chickens and racks of lambs and limited cuts of pork in the form of Berkshire pork and porterhouse chops. Guess he can’t sell too much of his swine unground. There’s kielbasa and kabanosy to be made! — Josh Novikoff

Stachowski’s is located 1425 28th Street NW.

13TH STREET MEATS: While many in the city immediately think of Ben’s as having the go-to purveyor of tubed meat products in the city, 13th Street Meats is making a name for itself one link at a time. From serving up sausages at DC Brau’s growler hours to pop-ups in bars all over the city, Scott McIntosh and Chad America go far beyond the iconic half-smoke and deliver sausages ranging from classic Italian to lemon-basil chicken and spicy Thai. And this isn’t to say you should skip their take on the half-smoke. Their free-range and hormone-free meat makes a superior half-smoke with a welcome coarseness to the meat and brightness in flavor that outshines many of the more popular versions around the city. Look for 13 Street Meats to be opening Meats and Foods in Bloomingdale this fall, which will feature “handmade sausages as well as chili, soups, and sides”. — John Fleury

13th Street Meats’ movements can be tracked here. Meats and Foods will be located at 247 Florida Avenue NW.

SOURCE: dcist

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