New Metro Map Details

May 3, 2013

In a 2011 Metro held a contest, soliciting advice on a new Metro map that was in the works. People responded with solutions, like much thinner lines (like most transit systems), striped lines, pairs or triples of dots, or just bigger dots and much more. Metro’s first draft used little “whiskers” on each side of the circle. A few people liked them, but most hated them and pushed for “pill” or “capsule”-shaped station symbols instead, or thinner lines. Metro now has a new version that incorporates those suggestions. It shrinks the line width by 24 percent, which still leaves fatter lines than in other transit systems, but much slimmer than the current map. In this option, the stations with three lines now use the “capsule” shapes. They also created a new version that keeps the “whiskers” but cleans up the map in other ways. (WaPo)

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