Spike Mendelsohn Launches Speakeasy

June 11, 2014

Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn has big news. He is working with Vinoda Basnayake to open a speakeasy called The Sheppard, named for Sen. Morris Sheppard (D) of Texas, who authored The Sheppard Bone-Dry Act passed in 1917 to ban alcohol drinking in DC. Mendelsohn told Zagat that it will open in about a week and a half with no outward markings except a green light. Guests will take an elevator and will be greeted by an “elevator host.” There will be some bar snacks as well as cocktails by local cocktails guru Jack Caminos, AKA Jack Stache. He says it’ll be a hidden gem, and that the usual speakeasy reservations MO will be in effect: A phone number will soon be released that people can use to reserve. (Zagat)


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