Streetcar Testing

January 20, 2014

Residents, drivers, buses and businesses along H Street and Benning Road NE will have a chance to interact with the streetcar next week. Jaywalkers, beware.

District Department of Transportation spokesperson Reggie Sanders says the streetcar will move up and down the Hopscotch Bridge for testing on Tuesday from noon to 8 p.m. It will attempt to make a complete loop of the 2.4-mile system — at times at full speed — on Wednesday during the same time period. Streetcars will likely travel at up to 10 MPH.

Despite some cold weather delays, Sanders says the project is still on target. While he couldn’t provide a date for the start of passenger service, he says everything is moving forward. After certification is complete, passenger service can begin after 30 days.

A fourth car is currently on its way from Portland to D.C. Sanders says it will greet the media for an informal photo-op on Tuesday at the Anacostia Testing and Commissioning Site and spend about 30 to 35 days there preparing for functional testing. To run the streetcars at 10-minute intervals, five are needed. Officials said in November they may begin service with just two or three cars.


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