Terrible Traffic Tonight

October 12, 2017

There are three major events taking place within a few blocks of each other in Southeast D.C. on Thursday that could cause a lot of headaches on the commute home.

“All signs point to Thursday evening being a really bad commute in the District of Columbia,” said WTOP’s Dave Dildine.

The first is the grand opening of The Wharf.

“We’ve been gearing up for a bad traffic day with the grand opening for months,” Dildine said. “But now with Game 5 coinciding, we’re likely to go from bad to worse.”

The grand opening alone is expected to bring in nearly 20,000 visitors and some people who live in the area are already concerned there won’t be enough buses to accommodate everyone.

“Basically you should be able to count on the bus arriving every 10-15 minutes tops,” said Councilman Charles Allen, D-Ward 6. “And right now, you’re waiting about 30 minutes.”

One of the centerpieces of The Wharf is a new concert venue, The Anthem, which will be playing host to a sold-out concert for the Foo Fighters on Thursday. Doors open for the concert at 6:30 p.m.


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