Speed Camera Controversey

August 14, 2013

Traffic cameras are an easy way for D.C. to make loads of extra money and an Arizona-based speed camera contractor is allegedly trying to make it so they rake in even more. Driving politics site TheNewspaper.com (via Gizmodo) claimed that a speed camera contractor for D.C., American Traffic Solutions, has been cropping photos in order to make it harder to challenge speeding tickets.

It can be easy to challenge a ticket issued from a speed camera— especially if there’s other vehicles featured in the frame. American Traffic Solutions allegedly started zooming in and zeroing in on specific cars in order to make challenging the tickets harder.

The Metropolitan Police Department denies that this is being done. MPD spokesperson Gwendolyn Crump told the DCist that the photos in question “are not cropped,” and that “the full data bar is visible so these are the images that were captured.”

Even though it seems like the photos are zoomed in and altered, Crump explains that “some of the units are closer to the traffic than others and that is why the cars seem closer or farther away.” She also told DCist that the if “RADAR detects multiple vehicles in the RADAR beam, it does not take a photograph at all.” And finally that “the lines we put on the roadway are not required by our legislation and they are not designed to act as a secondary check against the RADAR.”

Crump also emphasized that American Traffic Solutions “does not play any role at all in the site selection or placement of the cameras,” so even if the cameras and pictures were doctored, the MPD would be responsible, not American Traffic Solutions.


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