Amazon Books to Open in Georgetown

November 14, 2017

According to several job listings for positions at the planned new Amazon bookstore on M St., the store appears set to open in early 2018.

The store was announced last spring, but no opening date was also announced. There is signage up at 3040 M St., where the store will be, but that doesn’t carry a date either.

However, several job listings posted by the company for positions at the store suggests an early 2018 opening. For instance, a position for inventory management lead contains this language:


*** Please note – Onsite interviews and start date will be after the holiday season in early 2018 ***

A similar posting for Book Lead and Device Lead contains the same language. Of course, the start date for the retail jobs probably predates the actual store’s opening, but probably not by that much. So it’s probably safe to assume the store will be open by next spring.

(The Georgetowner)

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