Courthouse Community – Arlington Virginia

One can tell by the name of this urban village that Courthouse is about governance.

Actually, it is the official “County Seat” of Arlington and hosts the County Government Administrative Complex as well as the police headquarters.

But Courthouse is much more than government buildings. It is a fantastic mix of business, becoming a center for those both big and small. Verizon is based here and so is Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive. Side-by-side, office space shares window space with local favorite dining spots such as Gua Rapo, TNR Cafe, Ireland’s Four Courts and Me Jana (for some of the best Lebanese cuisine.). And for those sports fans, Courthouse hosts Velocity Five with 30 large, flat screen HDTV’s and Summers Restaurant and Sports Bar, voted one of the best soccer bars in the US.

One of the first garden style apartment complexes built in the United States, Colonial Village, is housed in Courthouse and is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. While not all of Courthouse’s dwellings share this starred appointment, it does abound with subtle condominium complexes, single family homes and a community garden. Travelling through this area, one cannot help but notice the Key Elementary School – an immersion school and one of the best academic institutions in Arlington County.

Every Saturday, near the Courthouse Metro stop, the Farmer’s Market buzzes with visitors claiming their fresh and local produce. Antique, jewelry and vintage print vendors load the market offering exceptional wares. A few feet away is an 8-screen AMC movie theater for late afternoon and evening entertainment, along with a plaza of cafes and restaurants. Courthouse is truely the gem of Arlington County.


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