Rosslyn Community – Arlington Virginia

Every urban space has a “downtown” and for Arlington County, that is Rosslyn.

This urban village’s name derives from the Ross family, an early 19th century farming couple and the community that settled behind their land, known collectively as ‘Ross Lynn’.

Early Rosslyn couldn’t have fewer similarities than the Rosslyn of today. An “outlaw” center following the Civil War and home to gambling halls, pawnshops, brothels and saloons, this former den of inequity has been transformed into the area that boasts the most skyscrapers in the region. Two of Rosslyn’s condominium complexes – Waterview Towers and Turnberry Tower are noted as the tallest buildings in the metropolitan area.

Living in this urban village is a dream. Such convenience at your doorstep! Shops and restaurants abound. Cafe Asia, Ray’s Hell Burger, Guajillo Restaurant and Village Bistro are but a few of the neighborhood’s famous spots. Rosslyn hosts WJLA (ABC7), the Art Institute of Washington, the Palomar Hotel and soon-to-open Central Place. Added to this mix, is the most famous parking garage in America – 1401 Wilson Boulevard – the site of Watergate’s Bob Woodward and Deep Throat’s meeting place.

But Rosslyn is not only about tall skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. Once one travels off the main path, there are parks and trails galore. The Custis Trail, perhaps the most famous, brings soft and lush landscape to the dweller. Theodore Roosevelt Island Park, lies within its boundary. And, Rosslyn offers a variety of community activities. Residents can attend five annual film festivals, a jazz festival and the Light Up Rosslyn ceremony during the holiday season, the switch is flipped and the skyline is lit!

If one wants to escape the city for the weekend, Rosslyn is the gateway to do so. Lee Highway, Jefferson Davis Highway, the George Washington Memorial Parkway, Interstate 66 and Route 50 all entwine through Rosslyn’s roads.


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