Daedalus Books in Columbia, MD

March 5, 2014

Since 1980, Columbia, Maryland, has been home to a treasure trove of books and music. Daedalus Books & Music has been the premier source for bibliophiles looking for quality books at bargain prices. From the thousands of books offered by publishers as remainders every year, they selectively choose books which are of lasting value. Remaindered books are the difference between what a publisher printed and what was sold. Bestsellers, classics, and overlooked gems get remaindered when the remaining stock is larger than the projected future sales. They are devoted to keeping these good books before the reading public. All of our books are hardcover editions (unless noted otherwise), and all are in good condition. They also stock music and movies, and have added overstock CD’s and DVD’s. If you cannot make it to the warehouse, you can always order online at http://www.daedalusbooks.com/.
(Daedalus Books & Music)

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