The Excitement Continues…

March 3, 2014

Selecting the “right” paint color is essential to a successful palette in your home. In last Monday’s blog I provided you with a few tips on selecting paint colors and the paint. Hopefully, you were successful at narrowing down your paint color choices and you secured a few 8 oz. cans to bring home with you. As promised … the follow up:

1. Quickly shake, stir and open your 8 oz cans.

2. Apply each color to the wall in the proposed room (make certain the colors you are attempting to eliminate are painted side by side in a minimum of 2 foot squares.

3. Allow the paint to dry.

4. Visit the painted spaces multiple times during the day – this will allow you an opportunity to see how each color will appear in bright, medium and low lighting.

5. After making your notes and observations select the color that you feel work best (surprisingly, I almost always go one shade lighter than my original thought.

The next part of your journey — ”What type of paint do I buy? Flat, Eggshell, Semi Gloss, Gloss? Shall I go with a built in primer or do I even need a primer? Here are few rules of thumb:

You cannot go wrong with flat paint. I am a big fan and almost exclusively use only flat paint.

If you choose eggshell or semi gloss be aware that these are great options if you have children or if you are using the paint in a kitchen/bathroom but it is essential that your walls be in pristine condition for the paint to be a success. Due to the refection of the light on the walls all imperfections, cracks and texture are highly visible. If you opt for these finishes…just be aware.

Gloss – I do not use it – only if I have a unique piece of furniture that I am looking to update and make a statement piece.

If you have a dark colored wall or it is red chances are you need a basic primer. I have had the best luck with Kilz and I on occasion have asked the associate at Home Depot to add tint similar to the new color that I will paint in with the primer.

If you are not going lighter with your paint or you are not painting over a red tone, I highly suggest using paint with a built in primer. I have used allot of different brands but have had the most success with Glidden Duo available at Home Depot.

If you are questioning the added expense of primer-it honestly makes the biggest impact and allows your color to be true. Just do it! The only time I avoid a primer is when I am painting white and ivory tomes – any other time – it happens!

David E Brown

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