Home is Where Your Heart Is?

February 10, 2014

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Home is Where Your Heart is? Think about it…

When you relocate for a career, most times you are not given much of a window to plan, prepare or even locate a place to live. Our situation this time was not much different. We had less than three weeks before we were transplanted into our new home. After moving more than twenty times over my lifetime, I have learned allot of great lessons and tips. So here we go…

1. Do not commit to a neighborhood until you have had time to experience it as a local. If possible stay in a hotel or rent a short term furnished apartment until you have had an accurate amount of time to experience the different communities in your new town.

2. It is essential to visit the areas that you are attracted to in the morning and in the evening – before and after work. You need to see what the flow is like and the energy that exists at both times of the day. It also allows you an opportunity to walk around and meet and speak to your potential new neighbors. Is it a fit?

3. Go to the local grocery store in your potential new neighborhood.

4. Visit local restaurants and see what the options are. If you prefer a more intimate area, it would make sense to find a spot with unique and personal mom and pop restaurants. If you see Olive Garden & PF Changs it may not be the right fit.

5. Schools Did you check them out yet? It has not been a concern for us yet but for so many of my friends it is the deciding factor.

6. Are there public transportation options if you needed them? Can you walk if needed – are there sidewalks?

7. Experience your potential commute to work and home from work at the peak time you would be commuting. How long will it take?

8. Is there an airport nearby? How long will it take to get there?

9. If it is a gated community, find out about the HOA. Is it something you can conform to?

These are just a few of the most important lessons I have learned. Lastly, the most important tip. Don’t feel pressure to jump, bring your checkbook and be ready to commit when you have done your homework first.

David Brown

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