IAD – A Romantic Hotspot

June 5, 2013

Forget the mile-high club: Your love life could take off before you ever leave the ground. Niche dating site Meet at the Airport just ranked the nation’s top airport restaurants for romantic connections. Taking second place between the aptly named Encounter at LAX and Salt Lick in Austin is Dulles’s Vino Volo on Concourse C. (There’s a newer and supposedly less amorous branch over at B.)

So what makes the wine bar chain a particularly good place to meet your new travel companion? The dating site surveyed its 80,000 members, who create personal profiles with travel details and then message potential matches whose schedules coincide. In addition to recommending Vino Volo as a place that “offers the best potential for an enjoyable date,” the survey took into account Yelp ratings for the various venues. The self-described “post-security retreat” garners 4.5 Yelp stars—the same number as Komi. Obviously, this is highly scientific stuff. (Washingtonian)

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