Incorporating Modern Technology in Home Building

November 14, 2017

A local entrepreneur and developer think they’ve found the recipe for the house of the future. Their key ingredient? Aerospace robotics.

Steve Salis — owner of Kramerbooks and barbecue restaurant Federalist Pig, co-founder of pizza chain &pizza and, most recently, buyer of Matchbox Food Group’s Ted’s Bulletin chain — teamed up with John Thompson of EHD Design Build Group LLC to form District-based Prefab Partners, or PFP. Their development company is bringing two prefabricated homes to D.C.’s Palisades neighborhood.

Panels for the home’s structure — walls, floors, roof — are built by robots in a climate-controlled factory off-site. Then windows, doors, plumbing, electricity and insulation are added, as technicians and inspectors monitor the process. That’s before the home’s components are shipped and delivered to its property, where it’s assembled with cranes over a few days.

PFP is partnering with Blueprint Robotics Inc., a Baltimore-based manufacturing and construction company, to make the panels with its aerospace robotics machinery based on the project’s specifications, according to PFP. Blueprint Robotics, founded in 2015, can streamline the building process and bring down the price of constructing the home’s pieces because of the precision of the technology, according to its website. It has single-family homes in Annapolis, Baltimore and other parts of Maryland in its portfolio, but none in Greater Washington until now.


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