John Eric Home’s Marc Schliefer on Money and Finances

May 2, 2013

Marc Schliefer, of Equity Planning, contributes monthly to the John Eric Home section Money and Finance. He shares his thoughts and perspectives on current financial issues that most impact readers.

Schliefer is no stranger to market movements and helping people invest wisely. “I have been with Equity Planning since 1979 and got involved in the Certified Financial Planning movement that was just starting around that time. I have always been interested in finances. I like to help design plans to help people reach and surpass their goals and help them go through the financial maze that is out there.

Equity Planning was founded in 1963 as a financial services organization. It has grown to serve many clients. “We strive,” says Schliefer, “to come up with creative strategies to help our clients make the best decisions with their finances to make sure that they match their overall goals. We strive to offer our clients a customized approach to their unique situation.”

Over the course of his professional career, Schliefer has been witness to market expansions and corrections. To date, his most interesting challenge has been harnessing the market volatility of 2008. “The market,” says Schliefer, “and helping our clients set up financial strategies that got them to their ultimate goal and allow them to sleep at night was challenging.”

Each month, readers turn to this section of the magazine to be provided with voluminous insight into the market, investing and other financial matters that mean the most to them.

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