John Eric Home’s Vineyard Contributors

May 15, 2013

David-Michael Shott was a co-partner of a successful restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, which gave him the opportunity to develop and refine his palate and passion for wine. A lover of port and Italian reds, he believes wine should be
enjoyable and accessible to all – regardless of knowledge or expertise.

With a background in Economics and GIS, John Gjika is a thoughtful entrepreneur who values a good bottle of Amarone and believes wine is as good for the mind and building communities. An Albanian native who grew up in Portland, Maine, John always offers an independently-minded approach and has a soft spot for anything Mediterranean.

Together, this duo contributes to John Eric Home’s Vineyard section each month. They bring their thoughtful analysis, intuitive suggestions and expertise to the pages of the magazine. Whether seeking to expand your vintage knowledge or find the perfect dinner party offering, this section is a must for you.

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