National Aquarium Closes its Doors

October 1, 2013

While the National Aquarium Board of Trustees would like to still have a location in D.C., it’s just exactly clear when that will happen. “The timeline is unclear,” Bradley said. “The board has formed a task force to look into the possibilities here in D.C.”

With the future unwritten for the National Aquarium’s presence in D.C., most of its aquatic residents are being relocated to the aquarium’s Baltimore location. But transporting 2,500 sea creatures—1,700 to Baltimore—isn’t going to be a smooth ride. “It’s certainly going to be a stressful thing for the fish,” Bradley said. “They’re in an established environment right now where they’ve been for quite some time, and we’re going to be disrupting that.” Bradley and his team will try to reduce stress as much as possible by “monitoring water parameters, providing appropriately sized moving containers, and doing things as quickly and safely as we can.”


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