October 1 Nearly 2,000 DC Taxis May Be Impounded

September 11, 2013

on Oct. 1, as many as 2,000 of D.C.’s taxi cab fleet may still be without an electronic payment reader. That would mean nearly a third of the city’s cabs had missed both the original Sept. 1 deadline to have a reader installed and the extended Oct. 1 deadline. Back in August, the TaxiCab Commission said it expected to have nearly 100 percent compliance from its approximate 6,500 cabs by Oct. 1. Last month, payment service providers applied for the Oct. 1 extension on behalf of about 4,200 cabs. But Neville Waters, the spokesman for the commission, says the delinquent cabs won’t be getting a pass this time around, and every cab found without a Modern Taximeter System (MTS) will be impounded.

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