Organic Thanksgiving Sophistication

November 13, 2017

It is really quite surprising to think that Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. When you visit your local department stores and card shops you might have thought you missed it as the Christmas trees are up and carols are playing. Even Starbuck’s has hit it early with the Peppermint mochas and share the joy cups. If there is anything remaining of Thanksgiving décor it’s truly “Thanksgiving LEFTOVERS”. Here are a few last minute ideas that I always like to share to assist you in creating that perfect American Thanksgiving table:

• Create an organic styled table runner with branches and herbs. If you don’t have time to create or purchase floral arrangements, create a runner with branches from your yard. This will add an organic and free flowing casual elegance to your table. If you feel that you need more definition, use a length of simple brown craft paper unrolled down the middle of the table. Next top it off with the branches and herbs.

• Create your own placements.Utilize craft paper or paper shopping bags and cut them into large round charge size placemats or rectangular placemat shapes. Collect leaves from outside your home and glue them strategically to the paper. Place your simple white dinner plates on top and you are ready to go!

• Utilize twine to create napkin rings.While you are outside looking for leaves to apply to the placemats, collect interesting shaped sticks. Next, utilize pieces of the extra herbs from the kitchen (rosemary, sage, thyme) and make a small cluster. Take the twine from the roll and wrap it around your napkin a few times-loosely. Quickly, add the small cluster of herbs to the twine and tie it tight. Presto! A beautiful organic and aromatic napkin ring.

• Use your empty wine or clear glass bottles to create candleholders for your centerpiece.Create a cluster of bottles on the middles of your table and simply add multiple height candle tapers to the open tops. If you don’t have differing height candles-burn a few earlier in the day. The candles should look very organic and natural. Allow them to drip a bit…they will look beautiful. If you are utilizing the craft paper runner for your table runner, there is no need to worry about the mess from your tapers. Simply role it up and dispose when you are finished at the end of the day!

• Use normal glasses, goblets & china cups as vases.If you are fortunate to have fresh flowers, create small low clusters of flowers through out the table utilizing mixed glasses, goblets and china from your china cabinet. This will create a shabby chic and classic feel. I love the charming look of simple grocery store flowers placed in low water glasses. Their petite size is a nice change from grander arrangements and enables each guest to have a personal “bud vase” in front of their place setting.

• Buy a can of starch.If everything else fails and you don’t have the time or the opportunity to exercise any of the ideas from above-take a white top sheet and press it crisp. Place it on your table. Next, make certain all your glass wear and plates are sparkling clean. A minimal elegant table is all you need when you have the love of your family and friends.

David Brown
Mulberry Seed Design

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