Pelecanos’ Book Features Boundary Road

October 16, 2013

If you are a fan of DC specific writing, you are likely familiar with George Pelecanos’ neo-noir novels. He is also a writer, producer, and story editor for the Wire. Boundary Road (414 H Street) appears in his work released yesterday – The Double. Here’s the excerpt that he posted on his Facebook page:

“Lucas swung onto his saddle, put his feet in the clips, and took 14th all the way downtown, then cut over into Northeast via K Street, and over to the 400 block of H, where he locked his bike to a post and entered Boundary Road, a restaurant on the edge of the thriving Atlas District. Unlike the riot corridors of U and 7th Streets, which had benefited more quickly from the construction of the Metro and its subway stations, H Street had taken forty years to be reborn after the ’68 fires. Lit-up business establishments and the sounds of conversation and laughter on the street said that it was flourishing now.

Boundary Road was an airy two-story space: brick walls, a distinctive chandelier, low-key atmosphere. Lucas had a seat at the bar. The night manager, Dan, frequently played reggae and dub through the house system, an added attraction for Lucas. Plus, he could come as he was—tonight, black mountain-bike shorts and a plain white T-shirt—and not feel out of place.”

SOURCE: Frozen Tropics

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