Poisonous Japanese Fish Back on Menus

December 19, 2013

The Japanese delicacy of tora-fugu, a species of blowfish with deadly poison in its organs, recently returned to the menus at Kaz Sushi Bistro and Sushi Taro. At Kaz, chef/owner Kaz Okochi prepares a five-course fugu feast for $150 per person. A limited number of reservations for groups of two or four are available by calling (202) 530-5500. Meanwhile, Sushi Taro offers an 11-part fugu tasting (with nonfugu dishes thrown in) for $138 with a two-order minimum. Some fugu dishes—including sashimi, a rice porridge soup, and grilled fugu fin in hot sake—are also available a la carte. The menu is available most days of the week through February. (Y&H)

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