Streetcars to Debut

May 20, 2014

Streetcars will begin shifting from curb to median along 2.5 miles of tracks on H Street and Benning Road in Northeast D.C. It is the first section of a planned 22-mile priority streetcar network. The initial line is expected to open this year; the larger system will take years to complete. Before a single passenger can board a D.C. streetcar again, the system must pass all safety testing, an ongoing process that already has taken months. Once the streetcars start moving people, the District Department of Transportation will face the challenge of operating them safely and on time in a dense commercial corridor. Problem-free operation will depend on both streetcar operators’ and regular motorists’ ability to share the road, and merchants’ willingness to find new places for their delivery trucks to park. The days of double parking outside a business will end because no one will be allowed to stop on top of the streetcar tracks on H Street NE. (WAMU)

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