Whoops… I Can’t Remember…

February 17, 2014

Whoops…I can’t remember…

As you continue through your house hunting expeditions, it is super important not to get overwhelmed. As soon as you start diving in you will find that the properties and floor plans quickly begin to blend together. There are so many details you do not want to miss and you will later question. I would like to suggest that you bring a few “must haves” with you on your visits.

1. Camera/smartphone – not all homes/condos/apartments have tear sheets with specific details and photos of the home. Make certain you photo major rooms in the home and all unique architectural details. It is also a good time to photograph questionable repairs. Take pictures.

2. Tape Measure – If this is a home you consider make certain you take measurements of the rooms as well as windows, hallway width and doorframes. You will need these measurements later on.

3. An open mind – look past the distractions, clutter, unusual taste and style of others

As a designer and “house hunter” I have found myself on several occasions late at night trying to plan furniture placement or even ordering drapes. I always question the size of the room or the length of the windows/walls. If you have taken great notes and measurements you will be set for an evening of planning. Another great request is to inquire about obtaining a floor plan of the home. This is the “treasure map” to success for furniture/rug placement planning as well as any exterior landscaping design. It will also become incredibly helpful when comparing multiple properties.

Lastly, a minor detail that may not seem as important now but will later…check out the natural lighting and window treatments that could currently be in the home. What rooms gets the morning light? Evening Light? My new hot button…finding a master bedroom that does not get the evening sun…and it is literally a “hot” button.


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